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Wooden Hut

Meet The Team


Clint Ward

At a young age I was learning to hunt & fish from my father and also learned a lot of my woodsman-ship skills from my grandfathers. I also have a passion for helping people become better versions of themselves whether it's in the outdoors or in a gym/clinic setting.


Parker Heimerl

I have always been involved in the outdoors since I could walk. Whether it's bear hunting, whitetails, ice fishing or chasing geese, I have an unbelievable passion for my outdoor pursuits. I am an an avid lifter and I hit the gym when I'm not pursuing game.



I'm a spunky Brittany Spaniel who loves upland bird hunting especially grouse and pheasants. I never turns down a trip to go fishing or for a run in the woods. I'm also quite the kisser and I love to lick your face, especially if you're not paying attention.

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